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  • How many vines can I plant in my vineyard?
    Vine quantities vary and depends on number of planting acreage. For detailed information on spacing, please see our spacing chart.
  • When is the best time to order?
    Materials sell fast! To insure you have access to the variety, clone, and rootstock you are looking for, we always recommend ordering one year in advance. Custom Grafted orders: -Dormant Vines: Place your order one year in advance. (Ex. For delivery in spring 2017, order by March 2016.) -Green Vines: This vine type has a bit more flexibility. Place your order as soon as possible. (Ex. For delivery in May 2016, you can place your order the same year, by the end of Feb 2016.) -Vines from our current availability list: If we have an availability list, we can sell this year round. -Budwood: Best time to order is in the winter & availability is subject to change, please contact us.
  • When is the best time to plant vines?
    Dormant Vines: For best results, these can be planted between months of Feb-June. Green Vines: For best results, these can be planted between the months of May-August.
  • Do you have planting instructions?
    Yes, please see our planting instructions.
  • How often should I water my vines?
    Typical watering ranges from 6-8 gallons per week.
  • How tall are vines?
    Dormant Vines – 18” Green Vines – 18”-22” Tall Vines – 36”
  • Can you do shipments?
    Yes, We can. We do shipments via common carriers such as Fed Ex & UPS. If you are local, we recommend picking up your vines. If you have a preferred shipping or trucking company, we are flexible and accept other carriers.
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